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I Do Concur: Social Media Tips For Realtors

Realtors often have the privilege of ┬átraveling to attend conferences across the country; yet, we all know how hectic travel can be. Between waking early for the breakfast socials, attending inspiring classes all day, and trying to stay in touch with clients back home, many Realtors forget or find trouble in logging their travel expenses. […]

Is Blogging Even Worth It: Social Media Tips For Realtors

    Between back-to-back meeting, calls with clients, open houses, team meetings, and maybe a five-minute break for lunch, the life of a Realtor is non-stop. Social media appeals to the fast-paced industry of real estate, for posting, tweeting, and liking can be done instantly. On the other hand, blogging is more time consuming and […]

OH SNAP! Snapchat for Real Estate: Social Media Tips For Realtors

Snapping pictures of properties tours, open houses, and team meetings has become customary in the daily routine of Realtors. As social media slowly works it’s way into nearly every profession, many applications appear to be offering similar functions. Snapchat,the app that allows for pictures to be sent and then deleted within a given time limit, […]

Tip Tuesday: Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Heather Hagerman breaks down how to invest in commercial real estate and features 20 Pga Drive, Stafford, VA 22554.   For more information on 20 Pga Drive, please contact Hagerman Group at www.BuyVirginiaRealEstate.com or give us a call at 540-369-4622.   Feeling social? Follow Hagerman Group on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Real Estate Terms To Know: Buyer’s Agent vs. Listing Agent

The buyer’s agent and listing agent are the same thing, right? Well, not exactly. While both represent clients and work in negotiating the price of homes, the buyer’s agent and the listing agent represent the two sides of a real estate deal. The buyer’s agent represents the individuals seeking to purchase the home. The listing […]

Make Your Posts Boom with Boomerang: Social Media Tips for Realtors

Have your posts jump off the screen with Boomerang. Boomerang from Instagram is a separate, downloadable application that creates looping videos at a touch of a button.   With one simple touch, the user-friendly app captures lively and unique moments. These looping clips automatically save to your camera roll and can be easily uploaded to […]

Simplify Your Life with LifePass: Social Media Tips for Realtors

Who else has a long list of passwords to everything from Twitter and Netflix to Online Banking and MRIS? Don’t fear, LastPass is finally here.   The app assists in storing passwords in a secure vault and allowing autofill for passwords. Do you have multiple gmail accounts? A personal Twitter and one for work? LastPass […]

Schedule Better with Buffer: Social Media Tips for Realtors

Scheduling social media can be a bit of a pain. While content usually works best if it is topical, fresh, and current, scheduling posts can alleviate the stress of frantically scrolling through your camera roll, spouting out the first witty caption that comes to mind. Many scheduling applications are on the market; however, some come […]

How to Utilize Instagram Stories for Real Estate

When Instagram unveiled it’s newest feature, Instagram Stories, the Web was ablaze with criticisms, reviews, and memes comparing the feature to the widely popular Snapchat. Controversy aside, Instagram Stories proves itself to be a valuable feature to the app, especially those in the real estate industry. If you’re Instagram app is up-to-date (you can update […]

Very Videolicious: Social Media Tips for Realtors

Let’s face it…editing videos can be pretty tricky and time consuming. While many Realtors wish to embrace video to showcase properties, capture open houses, and stimulate a buzz about upcoming properties and projects, many simply don’t have the time to cut and paste clips together. Enter Videolicious, an app that allows for the creation of […]