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Am I Ready To Downsize?

With children living on their own, many start to consider downsizing their home as a viable financial option and a way to reduce home repair and maintenance costs. Downsizing often has a less than exciting connotation, for most homeowners work to purchase larger and larger properties, not smaller ones. Yet, this may be an option […]

Picture-Perfect Property Available

Picture this: privacy beyond your eyes can see. Soft sounds of water rushing welcome you home as leaves floats above head, a gentle reminder of the country atmosphere that surrounds you. 828 Eagle Vista Lane in Colonial Beach, Virginia offers this and more.     The waterfront property offers a 400 foot view of the […]

Real Estate Abbreviations to Know: Listing

From MLS to CAC, residential listing are full of short-hand expressions. Here is an extensive guide to breaking down the abbreviations.  1C, 2C – 1 or 2 car Garage 2/1 – 2 bedrooms / 1 bathrooms 4/3 – 4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms 3/4 Bath – toilet + sink + shower or tub 4/3/2 – 4 bedroom / 3 bath […]

What is an Investment Property?

Within the world of Real Estate, the term investment property is often tossed around; however, what exactly does that mean? Are all properties considered under this umbrella term? Hagerman Group breaks down investing in Real Estate and the benefits many of our clients have seen in doing so. Commercial Investment Opportunity: 20 PGA Drive, Stafford, VA  An […]

14 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Apartment Lease Ends

The clock is ticking down on your apartment lease and you are considering transitioning from a renter to a first time homeowner. Yes, you have watched endless hours of HGTV and can basically quote Flip or Flop; however, some critical questions must be considered when pursing ownership of your first home. This life transition can […]

What is the Hagerman Group Experience?

As Heather Hagerman formed Hagerman Group, she thoughtfully constructed a set of ideals to live and work up to. Heather strove to deliver honest, reliable, and quality service to each of her clients. That is the Hagerman Group Experience. Working in the field of marketing, Heather knows what it takes to have your property seen […]

Space Unlimited: How To Market Land For Sale

By now, a tried-and-true formula is used to marketing residential properties. From mass emails and flyers to social media blasts, marketing a home or office space is rather straightforward; however, what happens when the building has yet to be built? The sprawling acres of available land are stunning in person, but do they translate to […]

How to Personalize an Open House

Ask the majority of real estate agents and they will outline the do’s and don’ts of an open house: do hide away pets, do make sure the home is clutter-free, and don’t display personal items. Most agents will suggest packing away vacation photos and doing away with other sentimental pieces. Breaking this to the current […]