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How to begin investing in Real Estate

Unlike the stock market, bonds, or even that shoebox full of collected coins, real estate investments offer a unique cash flow. An investment property can be defined as “real estate property that has been purchased with the intention of earning a return on the investment, either through rental income, the future resale of the property or […]

Picture-Perfect Property Available

Picture this: privacy beyond your eyes can see. Soft sounds of water rushing welcome you home as leaves floats above head, a gentle reminder of the country atmosphere that surrounds you. 828 Eagle Vista Lane in Colonial Beach, Virginia offers this and more.     The waterfront property offers a 400 foot view of the […]

Real Estate Abbreviations to Know: Listing

From MLS to CAC, residential listing are full of short-hand expressions. Here is an extensive guide to breaking down the abbreviations.  1C, 2C – 1 or 2 car Garage 2/1 – 2 bedrooms / 1 bathrooms 4/3 – 4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms 3/4 Bath – toilet + sink + shower or tub 4/3/2 – 4 bedroom / 3 bath […]

The Top 14 Things We Love About Fredericksburg

Each city holds a special place in it’s residences heart. This Valentine’s Day, Hagerman Group wanted to showcase what we love about living in Fredericksburg. From the culinary cruising to the hometown feel of being greeted by name at the postoffice, we can’t help but #LoveFxBG.       The Southern Charm       […]

Introducing Our Newest Video Series

Here’s another thing to look forward to on Tuesday! Our newest video series, Tip Tuesday, will premiere every Tuesday and features a member of Hagerman Group breaking down need-to-know information about residential and commercial real estate. Check out our first video here:     For more information on Hagerman Group, please visit www.BuyVirginiaRealEstate.com or give us a […]