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How Accurate Are Zestimates?

Within recent years, home buying and Zillow.com have become synonymous within the world of Real Estate. Zillow stands as a prime tool for potential and current homeowners to browse neighborhoods and find homes for sale in a given region; simply put, the site has paved the way in online home shopping.  Among the information provided […]

The Top 14 Things We Love About Fredericksburg

Each city holds a special place in it’s residences heart. This Valentine’s Day, Hagerman Group wanted to showcase what we love about living in Fredericksburg. From the culinary cruising to the hometown feel of being greeted by name at the postoffice, we can’t help but #LoveFxBG.       The Southern Charm       […]

What is the Hagerman Group Experience?

As Heather Hagerman formed Hagerman Group, she thoughtfully constructed a set of ideals to live and work up to. Heather strove to deliver honest, reliable, and quality service to each of her clients. That is the Hagerman Group Experience. Working in the field of marketing, Heather knows what it takes to have your property seen […]