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Embracing Your Five Senses: Teresa’s Tips & Trends

Thinking about listing your home for sale? Consider your senses when prospective buyers are browsing your property. In this week’s Tips & Trends, Teresa Davis of Hagerman Group lends useful advice, reminding all sellers to pay special attention to their home decor and lingering odors. For more Real Estate Tips & Trends, contact Teresa at […]

Am I Ready To Downsize?

With children living on their own, many start to consider downsizing their home as a viable financial option and a way to reduce home repair and maintenance costs. Downsizing often has a less than exciting connotation, for most homeowners work to purchase larger and larger properties, not smaller ones. Yet, this may be an option […]

Introducing Our Newest Video Series

Here’s another thing to look forward to on Tuesday! Our newest video series, Tip Tuesday, will premiere every Tuesday and features a member of Hagerman Group breaking down need-to-know information about residential and commercial real estate. Check out our first video here:     For more information on Hagerman Group, please visit www.BuyVirginiaRealEstate.com or give us a […]