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Real Estate Myths Totally Debunked

Real Estate myths? Let’s get to debunking!

It’s what’s on the inside that counts 

External appearances do not play second fiddle to the interior of a home. When selling your home, be sure to focus your time, attention, and financial resources to sprucing up all aspects of your home. Remember: curb appeal matters. If buyers aren’t compelled to walk inside your home, must will say on to the next.

Sell yourself to save funds 

Realtors are an antiquated aspect of the business, right? Well, we sure disagree. Realtors act as advocated for their clients, negotiating prices and combing through their market to find homes to fit unique needs. Sorry Zillow, you just can’t replace a real person that will guide you through this process, price your property correctly, and host open houses to market your home. Selling your home is stressful enough – so leave it to the experts to make this process as stress-free as possible.

Online shows all

The majority of buyers and sellers begin their real estate browsing on the web. Online platforms have completed reshaped the industry; however, social media cannot replace the aha moment of stepping into your dream home at an open house. Visiting open houses also allow buyers to see their likes and dislikes in real time (yes, maybe seeing five acres in person proves you actually only want two).

It’s on the up and up

Hey, everyone remember 2008? While your specific market may be flourishing, it is necessary to remember that the market ebbs and flows. Don’t delay your home purchase to wait for the market peak. If you are unsure of your real estate market trends, ask your trusted Realtor to guide you.

Renovations = Exact Profit 

This is a harsh realty for many homeowners. While you may have worked diligently to install the newest and latest appliances and decor, it is extremely rare (and unlikely) to match dollar for dollar when pricing your home. Many homeowners fail to recognize this is in pricing their home and urge their Realtor to hang a higher price tag on the property, thus having the home sit on the market for a longer period of time. Work with your Realtor to observe the market and accurately price your home.


While these myths may be debunked, there are plenty of others out there. Contact Hagerman Group today to chat about the real estate market and how we can best assist you.


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