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Out with the Old: Comparing Old and New Real Estate Trends

At Hagerman Group, we love a good #ThrowbackThursday. From Aquanet hair spray to shoulder pads for days, we are happy that some trends decided to stay in the past; yet, some trends allow for further development and more professional customer service. Comparing old and new Real Estate trends, is there a more efficient and effective way of conducting business? What role has technology played in ushering in said transition? Here are just a few ways the Real Estate industry has evolved over the years.

Managing Marketing 

Much of Realtors marketing efforts are driven by online platforms. While in decades past, handwritten notes and door-to-door soliciting were tricks of the trade, the speed, efficiency, and broad reach of the internet has become a Realtor’s closest tool in reaching potential clients; however, don’t discount the old school ways. A handwritten note is the personal touch that can win over a client.


Making it Official with an Offer 

Between texting and emails, communicating with fellow agents during negotiations has reached a multi-platform level. While many agents still prefer calling to communicate negotiations, it is not uncommon to send all terms through emails. One plus to this is the physical paper trail it provides.


Hunting for properties 

Before many prospective homeowners begin their Real Estate search, they take to the web to scour sites synonymous with house-hunting, such as Zillow. While this may be useful to refine one’s wants and needs, it also may act as a replacement of going to open houses. Don’t miss out on these in-person opportunities to view the properties – seeing 1,000 square feet in person may remind you that it is simply too small to house your five person family.

Whether you stick to the old-school methods or love adapting to the new methods of today’s fast-paced market, it’s all about providing top notch service to your clients. If you are interested in listing or purchasing a home, contact Hagerman Group today.


Old vs. New Ways of Doing Business in Real Estate 

A comparison of old vs. new ways of doing business in real estate