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The New Office Space: What Millennials are Looking for in Their Workplace

As Millennials pour into the workforce, company culture inevitably shifts to mirror this generations’s values and interests. Gone are the harsh, fluorescent lightbulbs and stuffy offices. Millennials are the largest working generation and are seeking a new environment to call their workplace.

Flexible Work Space

Flexibility and mobility are often not thought of in a traditional workplace; however, many companies are adapting to a new way of business by incorporating open conference rooms and group tables to promote collaboration. This allows employees to leave their assigned quarters and take full advantage of the skills their co-workers possess. An open office concept promotes strong communication but may not be as ideal when working with sensitive matters.

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Unusual Seating

Think about any tech start-up and a clear image pops into mind: a handful of coding geniuses plugged into their devices, viciously banging on their keyboards while they sink into a brightly colored bean bag. Yes, this image may now a stereotype of the average Millennial, but the younger generations are looking for an alternative to the traditional desk and chair. The standing desk is now a popular option, advocating for a healthier lifestyle and more mobility when working.

Environmentally Conscious and Sustainable

Offering recycling stations may not be enough. Today’s employees are looking towards their employers to lead they way in carving out a sustainable future. From company water bottles to discourage the use of plastic and utilizing natural light to monitoring the company’s utility bills, conversation and sustainable practices draw the attention of Millennials when on the job hunt.

Ample Charging Stations

No matter the industry, having strong wifi and enough plugs is simply vital. Communal tables with charging stations offer areas to complete company projects. These stations fit nicely into the open concert of modern offices.

Millennials have shaped much beyond current office trends, but have altered they way in which businesses brand themselves. Today, companies look towards younger generations to adopt the new normal in office space.

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