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Know Your Neighborhood with Parkbench


Welcome and take a seat! Parkbench is the newest community website that strives to compile all necessary information about a given zip code for its users. Their mission is to “make neighborhoods stronger socially, economically, and environmentally. We are truly hyper local, built specifically for communities.” From deals and local news to browsing the latest Real Estate listings, Parkbench is a one-stop-shop in an effort to build strong community bonds and encourage residence to shop local.

Simply sign up for a free account and you will receive weekly newsletters of the goings-on in your area. Type in your zip (Hey, 22407!) and the site will take you to your area’s custom landing page filled with “fresh deals,” recent news, upcoming events, and the sponsored Realtors in that area. Looking to feel even more connected? Browse the interviews of local business owners and learn more about your neighbors near by running their own brands.


Hagerman Group is proud to announce its participation in the Parkbench community. Visit the 22407 and 22408 landing pages to view our listings, read testimonials, and see what’s happening near you. Hagerman Group prides itself on connecting to the local community and Parkbench offers another avenue to do so while promoting other local business men and women.

Teresa Davis of Hagerman Group  stated: “Parkbench is all about the community. Their business model is set up to help one business owner to help another business owner and so on. It’s a great way to get to know your local businesses.”

View of Teresa’s Parkbench Profile

Life may be like a box of chocolates, so check out where to find the best desserts! We invite you to browse our Parkbench site and explore your local area like never before