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Dear Younger You: What We Wish We Knew When Entering Real Estate

Dear younger self,

If you are reading this, then you have just begun your Real Estate career. You are bursting with excitement and suppressing nervousness, trying to blend in with the established agents facing great success. Embrace that nervousness and remember you just started. Don’t beat yourself up when you have a question or forget how to fill our your paperwork; it’s all about the process. Remember that every agent you meet once stood where you stand now, even the most confident and seemingly perfect ones.

Success will come but it will only come with hard work. Yes, you’ve heard this during every training session, but do not discount this simple lesson. You will hustle, you will cold call until your voice is horse, you will hand out dozens of business cards and never hear a response, and that is okay. Do not expect this to come easy or to be handed to you.

Becoming a Realtor means freedom to work when you want; however, do not abuse this privilege. Realtors work nights and weekends. We answer calls in the middle of date nights, birthday parties, and doctors appointments. If you are not willing to drop everything to show a client properties, you need to become willing. Realtors do not always work the typical 9-5 because that is when your clients are at work. We show properties on holiday weekends and when others are enjoying summer vacation. Expect this to build the strongest client relationships.

Realtors are etched into family memories and this is another privilege. Think about it: how many homes do people buy in their lifetime? Two? Maybe three or four? Purchasing a new home is a thoughtful and stressful decision; Realtors become therapists, life coaches, mediators, movers, and assistants to ease this stress. You will also be forever associated with this home – so no pressure!

Hit the ground running. Gather all of your contacts from previous jobs, the neighborhood you life in, friends from college, etc. Create your sphere of influence and let them know you sell Real Estate now. Hand a business card to every new face you meet. This may seem uncomfortable or unnecessary at first, but what do you have to loose? Do not miss out on potential business because someone was simply unaware that you are a Realtor.

Finally, find what works best for you. Are you best dealing with first-time home buyers or military relocation? Do you have certain connections in a neighborhood that will make you the community’s resident Realtor? Find you nice and go from there. You didn’t decide to become a Realtor in one day; you won’t find success in one day either. Remember these little tips and you will do just fine.



Future You