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Am I Ready To Downsize?

With children living on their own, many start to consider downsizing their home as a viable financial option and a way to reduce home repair and maintenance costs. Downsizing often has a less than exciting connotation, for most homeowners work to purchase larger and larger properties, not smaller ones. Yet, this may be an option to consider when simpler living is calling your name. Here are some questions to consider before making the call to your Realtor.

Am I able to complete the lawn maintenance my home requires? 

Am I looking for a community of individuals that match my age and desired lifestyle? 

Would living closer to restaurants and other entertainment attractions appeal to me?

Would I be missing the space of my other home?

Would I have to invest in storage spaces?

Am I ready emotionally to part with this home?

Would I be willing to downsize my furniture as well? 

Would I like to stay in the area or relocate out of state?

Will selling my current home pay for purchasing my new one? Is this the best financial decision for me at this time?

Will my new home be able to accommodate visitors? 

Would I still like to look after a yard? 


If you are considering downsizing as the next step in your real estate journey, Hagerman Group would love to be of assistance. To schedule an appointment with one of our real estate professionals, please call 540-369-4622. We would be happy to walk you through every step of the downsizing process.